C Magazine welcomes writing on contemporary art and culture that is lively and rigorously engaged with current ideas and debates. C is interested in writing that addresses emergent practices and places them in critical context.

C Magazine accepts proposals for exhibition reviews, book reviews, feature articles and interviews. C publishes exhibition and book reviews between 800 and 1,000 words in length, and feature essays, cultural analysis, artist profiles and interviews between 2,500 and 4,000 words in length. If you are interested in writing for C Magazine, we prefer a quick email asking if we're interested in a specific topic, or if we still have space available, before you send a proposal or submit content.

Proposals must include a description of your proposed contribution (250 words maximum), indicating submission category (feature essay or interview for example), the artists and artworks you plan to write about, what ideas or issues you plan to explore, and intended word count. Also include a copy of your cv, a brief biography, or a link to your website, and one long or two shorter writing samples (ideally ones that have already been published, and written in a style similar to your proposed piece). Proposals must be sent to Kari Cwynar, the Editor at

Final submissions of content must conform to the Chicago Manual of Style, with endnotes kept to a minimum. Please download the C Information for Writers guide for complete information.

Important Note: Each issue includes articles and reviews commissioned directly by the editor, as well as pieces originating from unsolicited proposals. We accept proposals on an ongoing basis up until the deadlines indicated above. We may have already fully commissioned the issue before the proposal deadline, so please write to us as soon as you can if you're working on an idea you'd like us to consider.

C Magazine is published quarterly in March (Spring), June (Summer), September (Autumn) and December (Winter) by C The Visual Arts Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization established to present ideas, advance education and document contemporary visual art and artist culture.